Chiropractic Testimonials

""Bad Backs” is a shared symptom within my family. To relieve these symptoms we seek chiropractic care. To my family and me, the definition of chiropractic care goes beyond immediate relief of pain. Chiropractic care is the maintenance of a healthy spine. A healthy spine makes a healthy immune system.

As a single mom, optimum health is a necessity. A healthy, pain-free back helps me lift my 30 lb. child (who is unable to walk on his own) with ease.

We believe in chiropractic care! My son and I have been under the care of Dr. Lisa Day, since April of 2004. Dr. Lisa’s warm personality, family-oriented philosophy, and gentle treatments are why we believe in Day Chiropractic!"

- Kristie

"Okay, so I can not say enough about the care my son and I receive from Dr. Day and her staff. He no longer uses an inhaler, and I'm much more flexible and healthy! We first met Dr. Day when she was subbing for our regular chiropractor. I was immediately drawn to her kind, caring nature. She truly has a gift from God in her care, and in her healing through God with chiropractic care. We enjoy and appreciate her so very much more than words can ever say. My son no longer has asthma and has lessened effects from allergies. I enjoy less pain and greater mobility. We LOVE you Dr. Day!"

- Candy and Cordell

"Here's my story. I have a high pain tolerance, so seldom seek any medical help, but had a really sore lower back at the top of one hip. Went to see Dr. Lisa, and could notice a HUGE difference when I walked out, YES it was much better. Had my stride back within one day and within a week was back to normal. I can't say enough good about the treatment I received."

- Eric

"I couldn’t even lift my right arm off the table it hurt so badly. It felt like it was out of joint – like it needed to “pop” back into place. I needed to see Dr. Lisa! Being very right-hand dominant, we discovered I’d been performing a lot of repetitious movements in a short period of time. After a couple of visits to Dr. Lisa, she had me all fixed up!

My husband had breast cancer that metastasized to the bone. Bone cancer is very painful. He told the medical doctors that he was trying alternative ways to manage his pain – seeing Dr. Lisa was one of those ways. One doctor told him not to go to a “bone cruncher” because he would hurt worse and he might have a bone break. But, we knew better because Dr. Lisa had helped him in the past. Dr. Lisa was always so gentle in her manipulations and she always helped him feel better."

- Diane

"As a chiropractic patient, I know I feel better when I’ve been adjusted, so it makes sense that children do too. My children sometimes need “attitude adjustments” and that’s what seems to happen when they see Dr. Lisa. As 2 & 3 yr olds they are very active. Falling off things, running into things, falling down, bending in ways adults can’t and all those things kids do. Dr. Lisa would always get them back into shape."

- Angela

"The many extras your practice provides are a blessing to all those who walk through the front door. For 2 ½ years I have gotten steady, consistent and kind service from all of you."

- David

"It's nice to find a chiropractor that involves you in your health decisions and helping to heal your body the way God intended. It’s also nice to have a massage therapist available in the office too. The entire office staff is spectacular!"

- Eli



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